How To Perfect The Coveted Flat Lay Photo

Everyone is talking about flat lay photography, the trendy method for artfully arranging beautiful objects on a flat surface. Because flat lay photography is especially effective in influencer marketing programs, we asked Jessica Randhawa, owner of  Coffee and Crayons, her tips on how to create the perfect shot. Today Jessica’s content for Coffee & Crayons details motherhood, original recipes, food photography, and nature. 

Program after program, Jessica’s beautiful flat lay photography has received high praise. Read on for Jessica's top tips on how perfect the coveted flat lay photo. 

1. Assemble Your Tools

You'll need a tripod, chair, wide table, and accessories! Begin developing a prop collection to help with styling. Your props don’t need to be expensive; in fact, they can include every day items that add texture and pizzazz to your images.

2. Stick With a Theme

If your program has a theme, put thought into the details! For Jessica's Game Day program with Old El Paso, she created Buffalo Chicken Salad Taco Boats and Churro Ice Cream Sundaes. She made the arrangement come to life by including stacked plates, wooden cutlery, a football themed banner (used as the background) and football themed paper cups to hold the sundae toppings. She says that every piece of corn or lettuce was placed intentionally.

3. Style Carefully

Sometimes, your photo will instantly speak for itself and won't need any styling. Other times, you'll want to create a specific mood for the shoot using multiple plates, ingredients from the recipe, and flatware. Getting all of this set up and in balance before the food is out is easy, but you'll also want to adjust the props throughout the shoot to ensure they turn out as you've envisioned.

4. Lighten Up

According to Jessica, natural lighting is key and a light reflector is essential.

5. Zoom Out, Zoom In

 Flat lay photos are great because they allow you to capture images from far away and close up. Capture the style and mood of the shoot depending on which details you're looking to convey.

6. Capture Multiple Angles

Having a variety of angles helps keep readers interested and is really useful for stacked pins or when sharing the same post several times on the same social media platform. It allows a person to “get the whole picture” right away.

7. Edit Your Photos to Perfection

Our favorite flat lay photos are both bright and vibrant. Remember to edit your flat lays to fit the tone and style of the rest of your blog using editing programs like Adobe Lightroom.

8. Share to Social Media

Flat lay photos are great for social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Try to include at least 1-2 flat lay images per shoot. 

9. Be Patient

Some days your photos just don’t turn out as expected, and that's okay! Don’t let it discourage you. Try again the next day!

This article has been adapted from an interview with Jessica Randhawa of Coffee and Crayons. Check out Jessica's Influencer Advice on How to Perfect the Coveted Flat Lay Photo and Coffee and Crayons influencer spotlight.

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