How To Incorporate Facebook Live Into My Social Strategy

Facebook's live streaming platform, Facebook Live, has taken off as influencers look for a more personal, unedited avenue for sharing tips and connecting with their audiences. It's a perfect medium for building an immersive and specific experience with viewers, whether it’s by hosting a personal Q&A with your audience or walking through a recipe, DIY, or makeup tutorial.

Emily Thompson, owner of  Life Sew Savory, broadcasted her first Facebook Live video a month after the feature launched in April 2016. We've since seen Emily's Facebook following grow 2.5X in less than a year, jumping from 10,000 to 26,000 followers in 10 months! She attributes her flourishing audience to Facebook Live, where she typically broadcasts sewing tutorials in real time. Emily has also successfully incorporated Facebook Live into her strategy for sponsorship opportunities; her sponsored Facebook Live videos consistently drive more engagement than standard videos. Her video for Goldfish (see below) drove 4.3X more engagements and 5.4X more views than her three non-live videos, proving she's cracked the code to what makes Live videos so popular. 

We wanted to find out the secret behind Emily's Facebook Live success. Read on for her tips on how to incorporate Live videos into your social strategy.

1. Assemble Your Tools

Emily keeps it minimal when it comes to Facebook Live, opting for good lighting, a tripod (she has two depending on the location), and a device as simple as a cell phone to shoot the video. 

2. Prepare, But Don't Over-Prepare 

Your audience wants to see all the steps of the process. Emily's preparation includes getting her supplies ready, then sitting in front of the camera to sew, craft, or cook while chatting with her followers. Since there's no pressure to edit or reshoot a Live video, you may even find it to be easier and more enjoyable than a non-Live video. 

3. Go With The Flow

Be yourself! On her video with Goldfish, Emily's daughter unexpectedly joined the video mid-broadcast. Another time, she knocked the tripod over, leaving Emily duct tape it back together, right then and there. Her advice is to remain calm, laugh it off, and go with the flow. 

4. Inspire Meaningful Engagement: 

Since Facebook prioritizes Live videos in its algorithm, you're guaranteed to get more videos than you would when sharing a standard video. With that increased exposure, inspire your audience to chat in the comments and click through to any links in the description. All forms of interaction will help expand your reach and engagement. As Emily's own Facebook Live strategy developed, she noticed loyal viewers come back time after time to say hi, see how she's doing, or ask a follow-up question to something she mentioned in a previous post. She even has one viewer in England who stays up in the middle of the night to watch her videos in real time! "Facebook Live is a special way to build a community with your blog," Emily says.

This article has been adapted from an interview with Emily Thompson of  Life Sew Savory. Check out Emily's Influencer Advice on How to Incorporate Facebook Live Into Your Social Strategy and Life Sew Savory influencer spotlight.

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