How To Build A Successful Influencer Partnership

Tyler McElhaney, owner of  Tynology, and Sarabeth McElhaney, owner of The February Fox, are an influencer power couple. With 78 Linqia programs and over 700 pieces of original content created between them, this dynamic duo has established the foundation for a successful influencer partnership. From travel and fashion to parenthood and technology, they know how to inspire their audiences to take action. We caught up with Tyler and Sarabeth to find out what it’s like in the McElhaney household and to see if we could pick their brains for the secret behind a successful influencer partnership. Check out their tips below!

1. Support Each Other's Programs

According to Tyler and Sarabeth, their opposite strengths complement each other. "If one of us is stumped or having a block, asking the other for help always works and often stimulates progress," they say. Since both work from home, the couple regularly designates time dedicated to writing, photographing or networking. They say it's also nice having an extra hand to help set up or tear down for photoshoots.

2. Encourage Each Other's Improvement

Tyler and Sarabeth are both admittedly competitive, which shows in their work. They strive not only to make each of their own posts more impressive than the last, but also each other’s. They foster improvement by each bringing a unique perspective, fresh suggestions and helpful feedback to the table. It’s like having a real-time collaborator for each post.

3. Integrate Each Other Authentically

The couple says that they feature one another on their individual blogs, so long as it’s applicable and natural. If they are working on a program that is relevant to each other or their son, Fox, they'll happily include them in the story. They keep their writing authentic and seamless by avoiding awkward segues or overly-staged photos. 

4. Maintain Your Own Identity & Audience

While they say that maintaining separate blogs depends on every couple's situation, preference, and level of commitment, Tyler and Sarabeth never considered sharing a blog or personal brand identity. Instead, they've opted to individually embrace their separate interests and audiences. They note, however, that some blogging duos may benefit from sharing responsibilities, especially since maintaining a blog is typically more time-intensive than beginners expect.

This article has been adapted from an interview with Tyler McElhaney, owner of Tynology, and Sarabeth McElhaney, owner of The February Fox. Check out their, along with Tynology and The February Fox influencer spotlights.

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