5 Steps To Success On Multi-Flighted Programs

Linqia’s Storybook, defined as a multi-flight influencer program spanning several months, was created for influencers to gradually roll out compelling content. The purpose of inviting influencers to repeated partnerships is to build a narrative that exposes your audiences to a brand over time. Linqia's multi-flight Storybook also allows influencers to authentically highlight how they incorporate a product into their lifestyle throughout the seasons, acknowledging their previous work with the product instead of reintroducing it. Influencers will likely notice their audiences more invested in the story during their second or third program. Our recent Foster Farms program even found that influencers saw an average  20% increase in audience engagements during their second program with the brand. The Storybook model sets the stage for an influencer’s audience to develop a deeper investment in the promoted product.  

Read on for more about how to make your multi-flight influencer program a success!

1. Participate With The Brand Again

We've found that influencers are at their best when they develop a creative, long-term narrative about a product’s many uses. Flighted programs help an authentic story take shape over time. Our reporting also shows that your audience is more likely to engage with the content if you've about the product before. Repeat messaging strengthens your audience's connection to the product, building an authentic partnership they can trust.

Examples by  A Simple Pantry for RAGU

2.  Imagine Your Storybook Program As A Story

Imagine each individual blog post as a chapter in a story that builds over time. Tie in anecdotes of new uses you've found for the product. As your Storybook progresses, tell a more seamless story by referring back to posts you've written for previous programs. 

3. Reflect Back On What's Worked

After you’ve opted into the second flight of a Storybook program, increase your performance by analyzing what's worked and hasn't worked for you. Recycle certain themes or tactics that your audience has been receptive to in the past.

4. Follow the Creative Brief

Remember to follow the creative brief found within your Linqia dashboard in addition to incorporating optimizations of your own. Linqia creates these briefs to reflect best practices found in previous flights of the program. Your BSMs also revise the story themes to reflect carefully drawn insights about to maximize success the second (or third!) time around.

5. Read Your BSM’s Support Emails

Linqia's support emails will help you optimize as the program progresses. These support emails include blog story optimizations, tips for social media, and other pertinent information to help increase your engagement and achieve your click milestone during the program itself. Your BSM's support emails might include popular hashtags, buzzwords, or overall messaging that will help boost your engagement.

Through Linqia’s Storybook model, influencers have the chance to share compelling content around a specific product over time, deepening their audience’s connection to the product. If you have any questions about participating in more flighted programs, or how to improve your performance after signing up for one, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Influencer Success Team at  community@linqia.com.

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