How To Unlock Pinterest As Your Social Strategy’s Secret Weapon

Katherine Accettura, owner and creator of  Lily The Wandering Gypsy, is an all-star influencer with over a million Pinterest followers. With about 145 Pinterest boards covering topics ranging from drink recipes to specific travel destinations, Katherine knows a thing or two about how to use Pinterest effectively. Her profile has even been recognized in outlets like Huffington Post,InStyle, Hello Society, and Daily Tekk! We wanted to find out the secret behind her impressive Pinterest following. Read on for her tips on how to improve Pinterest for a stronger social strategy.

1. Pin Every Day

Pinning every single day entices people to frequently visit your page to see what’s new. While gaining new followers can be challenging, pinning every day helps you engage with the platform, which in turn helps your audience engage with your page. Have fun with it!

2. Promote Diverse Content

The purpose of a Pinterest page is to provide a gorgeous, well-curated site where people can find ideas ranging from a variety of topics and interests. Think of Pinterest as a rotating wall of art in your home, where you can display the most beautiful things you find.  

3. Treat Pinterest Like A Search Engine, Not A Billboard

Katherine likens Pinterest to a search engine. If you share useful and beautiful images, chances are high that readers will stay on your Pinterest longer. Keep in mind that while adding the same pin to several boards in a row may seem like a good way to get traffic, it could look spammy to your followers -- especially if it's sponsored. 

4. Share Seasonal & Holiday Content  

Katherine swears by seasonal and holiday content to anyone aiming to drive traffic back to their blog. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – experiment by creating a trending recipe with your own spin on it, share it on Pinterest a few times, and analyze your site's traffic patterns. Most importantly, remember to share seasonal, holiday-specific pins at least a month in advance. If you wait to share time-sensitive content until a day before the holiday, chances are high your audience will have already been maxed out with similar content.

5. Create Pinterest-Friendly Graphics

Try to include several vertical, well-lit, pinnable images in each blog post. Katherine likes to create graphics by stacking 2-3 images with text overlay to share within her blog posts. This was Katherine's approach during her recent Dorot posts, which resulted in nearly half of her visitors sharing images to Pinterest. 

6. Optimize Your Blog Your Pinterest

When looking to make your blog a Pinterest-friendly space: 

  • Include a Pinterest widget on your blog's sidebar to easily show off your most recent pins. 
  • Install a Pin It Button so that your audience can easily share your content to their Pinterest boards. 
  • End each blog post with a link to your pins and a signature that says, “Let’s Connect On Pinterest!” so your readers can easily follow you on that channel.

7. Use Pinterest To Redirect Traffic Back To Your Blog

Pinning content from your blog 5-10 times a day will gain you maximum exposure.  Pin an original image to different boards, spaced out a few days apart, for more repins, likes, and site visits. 

8. Organically Integrate Sponsored & Non-Sponsored Content

Katherine seamlessly blends her sponsored and non-sponsored content by sharing several similar pins around her sponsored content. For example, she recommends sharing berry-themed pins (like a DIY berry body scrub) before sharing your own berry-themed recipe. Then, maximize exposure by featuring your original content as your latest pin in the sequence.

9. Curate Your Pinterest Boards Carefully

 To curate a beautiful, cohesive Pinterest board: 

  • Make sure your board contains 50~ pins --  no one wants to stop short after just 2-3 rows of pins!
  • Stick to a theme that complements your style.
  • Since you can't rearrange a pin order within a board, make sure to vary the pins being added, rather than pinning similar images side-by-side.

10. Consider Your Followers' Experience 

Katherine ensures her audience has a positive experience scrolling through her pins by straying away from sharing duplicate back-to-back images (even to different boards).  She also avoids pinning content of the same topic in a row. Rather than using a scheduling tool, Katherine shares each and every pin by herself. While it takes more time, it results in a more cohesive and natural feed in which she can organize the exact order her pins are placed. 

11. Optimize Pinterest For Your Linqia Programs

  1. Always create engaging, brightly lit photos for each post so they are “pinnable.”
  2. Offer readers new and unique ways to use the product so they’ll want to share your post on Pinterest. Stay clever and creative, but don’t force an idea – it will never look natural. 
  3. Always brighten your images. This is a very easy process that can either be done in Photoshop, iPhoto, your phone, and other free apps.

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