How To Qualify For More Programs

Linqia’s goal is to connect brands with quality influencers who are passionate about creating honest and compelling content for their audiences. The role of the Influencer Success Team is to best match Linqia influencers with the perfect program opportunity, each of which has its own slew of requirements, goals and success metrics that we are required to meet. These might range from influencers’ age, to geo-location, or from general interests to brand affiliation. There are also higher-level metrics for the program as a whole, such as budget, social reach goals and number of influencers we can include. Each brand has specific goals and metrics for the influencer program and they rely on Linqia to connect them with influencers whose content will deliver results. We liken the process to completing a puzzle, where the pieces need to be arranged just so before we consider the program “full” and set up for the best possible results.

So how can you increase your likelihood of being chosen for an upcoming Influencer program? Here are some tips based on aspects we consider when selecting influencers for a program. 

1. Create Compelling Content

From fresh and engaging written stories to creative and beautiful photos, compelling content is at the top of our list. All of the brands we work with have full rights to repurpose influencer content as they see fit across their own social channels, website, and marketing materials. This in turn offers influencers exposure on the brand’s existing platforms. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that stems from the root of what we do at Linqia: enhancing authentic relationships between the brand, the influencers, and their audiences. With that in mind, influencers are often selected for their writing talent or ability to capture emotion in a photo. Make sure your site clearly shows your strengths. We’re always looking for fresh, engaging written content that tells a story. 

Images by  The Bluegrass Mom

2. Be Reliable

Our influencer selection often has extremely tight deadlines, with only a few days to fill a program. We are more likely to select influencers who quickly respond to emails, complete all program requirements to the best of their abilities, and participate in the program for its full duration. While we don’t necessarily add influencers to a program on a first-come, first-served basis, we do take reliability into account when inviting influencers to a program. Declining an invitation will never cause an influencer to be invited to fewer programs, however, it gives our team feedback about what types of programs are the best fit, so we can match an influencer to more appropriate opportunities. 

3. Complete Your Profile

A complete and up-to-date Linqia influencer profile and channel information is the ticket to the best fit program. Do you love printables? Let us know! Just had a baby? You might be a perfect fit for our Gerber programs! The best way for us to discern if you are eligible, is if you indicate it in your Linqia profile. The more we know about your site and your interests, the better we can match you to opportunities that resonate well with your audience.  Here's how.

4. Drive Authentic Traffic & Engagement

Influencer marketing programs are appealing because they connect brands with authentic, and targeted audiences. As a a performance marketing platform, Linqia’s promise is to deliver true value through valid clicks, actions, and engagement. We use internal technology to authenticate influencer traffic to verify the content that truly resonates with their audiences, and that the traffic is not coming from inauthentic sources. As a result, if an influencer has explicitly asked for clicks or has reached a certain threshold of invalid traffic, it will affect their selection for future programs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your program Brand Success Manager or the Influencer Success Team at

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