How To Add A Pinterest "Pin It" Button To My Images

The Pinterest It button encourages your visitors to share their favorite images directly from your site to their Pinterest boards! From your DIY crafts to recipes and outfit inspiration, a Pin It button allows your audience to easily refer back to your creative ideas from their Pinterest. Pin It buttons not only make it easy for your audience to share your content, but they also extend your content's lifespan, since Pins resurface year over year as seasons and trends make their way back to the internet. As a result, your images can attract new audiences, supercharge your engagements, and increase your unique blog visitors -- anyone who clicks through the Pin will automatically redirect back to your blog post. Plus, you can customize your widget so it align's with your branding!

How To Install A Pin-It Button


  • Install the WordPress Plugin Pinterest Pin it Button for Images.
  • After you activate the plugin, visit Settings > Pinterest Pin It to configure it to your desired settings.
  • The plugin’s settings allow you to select which pages of your site you’d like the button to appear on. You can choose just one page, the index or home page, or all pages. We recommend all pages, as the more opportunities you give your readers to share your images, the more shares you will garner.
  • You will want to set a default description in the plugin settings. This default description will be attached as the image description when it is pinned. You can select from site title, post title, or post title and link, among other options.

To learn about more settings you can adjust, read this post from


  • Navigate to Pinterest’s widget builder.
  • Click on Image Hover.
  • Use the Appearance section to adjust the shape and size of the button to your desired dimensions.
  • Hover over the sample image to preview your button.
  • When you’re happy with it, click “Copy the code.”
  • Log into your Blogger dashboard, select Template, then Edit HTLM.
  • If you’re not familiar with HTML, find the </body> tag by pressing the Control button then F (Control+F) and searching for “</body>” in the search field.
  • Paste the code just above the closing </body> tag of each page where you’d like the button to appear on your site.
  • Don’t forget to save your template.

For more detailed instructions about how to customize the size and placement of the button, read  this post from Blogger.

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