How To Hyperlink An Image With Your Link

Hyperlinking the images in your sponsored blog story with your unique link is a seamless and easy way to help you meet your click milestone during your Linqia program. Best practice shows that 5+ photos lead to higher engagements -- and they also offer your audience more opportunities to access the program's landing page. 

Here's How

  • Upload image into your media library
  • Insert it wherever you wish in your post
  • Click on the image to bring up the edit bar
  • Click on the pencil symbol
  • Under the Display Settings section there is a Link To section
  • On the drop down menu select Custom URL
  • Enter your link into the URL filed.
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Other blogging platforms and custom blogs

Wordpress is currently the only platform that has a quick linking process, you will need to edit the HTML code to make an image hyperlinked

A normal text link looks like this in HTML:

<A HREF="">Click Here For More</A>

So the text Click Here For More will show up in your post as the link.

To make an image the link, you simply need to place the name of your image where the text would normally go, with a few formatting tags.

Find the name of the image you’d like to link.

When you have the image situated in your blog, switch to the HTML editing mode or view.

Find the string SRC= and after it, in quotes, your image name, in this case, sampleimage.gif.

In between the <A and /A> brackets, you need to insert a link tag, which is HREF= then your link inbetween quotes. The finished code should look similar to the string below:

<A HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="sampleimage.gif"></A>

This will cause the image to become a hyperlink for your link, so anytime someone clicks on your image, it will count towards your earnings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your program Brand Success Manager or the Influencer Success Team at

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