Why Having An RSS Feed Is Important

What Is An RSS Feed?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. A "feed" is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. 

It is commonly used by news and media websites, and is very useful for blogs that wish to be monetized. 

RSS feeds can be utilized on a Feed Reader or Aggregator to let your readers stay up date without visiting your URL everyday.

Linqia's system uses RSS feeds to monitor the activity of a blog.

If a blog has not posted a new entry in the past month, our RSS feed monitoring system will set this blog community as Inactive in our system. This is why it is very important to post at least once a month if you wish to remain an active member of the Linqia platform and receive programs.

Once put into Inactive, a blog's status will remain Inactive until they post again. Once a post goes live, our feed monitor will revert the blog's status in the Linqia platform back to active, and their blog will once again appear as a community that is eligible for programs.

What to do if your blog does not have an RSS feed? 

If you consistently post, you may not need an RSS feed. However, if you post sporadically, your blog may be set manually to Inactive by one of the Influencer Success Managers, and if you post again our system will not be able to automatically flip your status back to Active. You will have to email community@linqia.com to notify us that you are once again an active community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your program Brand Success Manager or the Influencer Success Team at  community@linqia.com.

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