Photo Inspiration: The Pet Pile Up

Photo by  Wildlandia for IfOnly

When opting into a pet program, you might preempt challenges like creating a comfortable environment for your pet or even getting them to sit still long enough to capture a clear photo. We're here to provide inspiration on the many ways to tell a great story that shows off what makes man's best friend so unique. Plus, we've found that including your pets in your sponsored posts increased engagement! (No surprises here, because pets make everything better!) On a recent flight of Bona's new line of disposable dust cloths, we found that influencers like  The Melrose Family, who featured photography of their pets getting in on the cleaning fun, saw a 35% lift in engagement, when compared to Influencers who featured solely product photography or other subjects. This article serves as a round-up of our favorite pet photos from Linqia influencers, as well as a guide to illustrating how your furry friend makes the ultimate photo subject. Lights, camera, action!

1. Set the Stage

Take advantage of any props, complimentary gifts, or cute costumes when planning out your photos. Did the brand provide any toys? Is there a setting at home that seems to fit the program theme? If there are any assets provided, take advantage of what is available to make for a more compelling and cohesive photo series.

Example: April Golightly for Pup-Peroni

2. Let Them Roam In Their Natural Environment

Maybe it's a favorite corner at home, playing with their favorite toy or cuddling up with a member of your family! Whatever the space, make sure to feature your pet in an environment that feels like home.

ExampleBroken Teepee for Purina Pro Plan

3. Feature Exciting Action Shots

Create an environment that's fun! If your pet loves baths, incorporate it into your story. If they love playing fetch, include photos of them running after their favorite ball. Inspire play and movement to help the photos come alive, and integrate how the product fits into the fun.

ExampleMocha Fox for Pup-Peroni

4. No Pet Program? No Problem! 

Don't  be afraid to incorporate your fur baby on programs that aren't necessarily pet themed. People love animals, and integrating pets in your lifestyle shots can catch your audience's attention. Plus, having your pet around shows authenticity in your story! 

Example: Always Rooney for Bona

5. Let Them Do Their Thing

If your pet knows how to pose, let them! Create an exciting  GIF or video like She Smiles Within to show off your memorable moments or impressive tricks. Encourage them to work their best angles! 

ExampleWildlandiaTotal Basset Case for BISSELL

6. Illustrate How They Interact With and Enjoy The Product

Show how the product fits authentically within your pet's life. Include photos of multiple stages: sniffing the bag, eating their food, licking their lips after. Show your audience how your furry friend has given the product their seal of approval.

Example: Glamorable for Purina Pro Plan

7. Bring Them to the Store!

Don't leave your furry friend at home to miss out on all the fun. Head out to the store, armed with a bag of treats to encourage good behavior, and get some shots of your in-store experience! Capture your pet sniffing treats, or picking out their new favorite toy. 

Simply SinovaThe Styled Fox for Kriser's Natural Pet

8. Keep It Cute

This one's elf-explanatory.

Example: Pink Pistachio for Designed for Good | Method

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