Photo Inspiration: Display Your Home Design

Welcoming your audience into your home isn't always easy, and photographing your space both beautifully and authentically isn't either. As Linqia programs aim to foster true storytelling, we want your home and gardening blog stories to feature clean and engaging photography. Most importantly, your photos should showcase how the products fit naturally within the house you've made into a home. Read on for 5 tips stemmed from past Linqia programs that outline how you can show off your space in a way that wow's!

1. Pick a Color Palette  

When initially brainstorming your post, pick a color palette to tie the story together. Plan to pair pops of brighter colors with a neutral background to help highlight the products you'll showcase, while establishing consistency throughout your story. Keep it fun, vibrant and unexpected! Playing with the color wheel is an area where you can shine creatively.

ExampleLe Zoe Musings for Monrovia

2. Use Natural Light

Since natural light is the ultimate key to beautiful pictures, select a space at home where the light flows in. Play with shadows and soft glares to make for more interesting photos that highlight unique aspects of the frame. Schedule your photoshoot for optimal timing with the best light. The results include minimal editing and photos that make your story come alive.

Example: Calivintage for eve

3. Pay Attention to Detail

To save time on Photoshopping your images later, feature a clean portion of your space free of strains, crumbs or any other mess. It's not about perfection, but we've noticed that cleaner spaces lead to fresher photography. Clean backgrounds also perform well, meaning higher engagement and more sharing across your social media channels.

Example: Up To Date Interiors for Epson

4. Keep It Seasonal

Show, don't (just) tell. To help tell a complete story, infuse details that tie your photos back to a holiday or season. If it's winter, incorporate frasier fur twigs that connect to the candle and lotion scents you're showcasing. If it's summertime, incorporate sunny, bright photos that let in natural light or showcase your outdoor space. Once your post has gone live, share the photos to any seasonal boards you might have on Pinterest!

Example: Mandy & Such for Thymes

5. Stay Authentic

Even though your sponsored post aims to showcase a specific product, authentic storytelling means weaving how those products fit naturally within your home. Mix and match the featured product with your existing items. Show your audience how you use the products within your natural habitat. Use supporting text to paint a complete picture of you and your life. Again, this transforms your sponsored post into a story!

Example: Dans le Lakehouse for

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