5 Questions To Ask Before Writing A Sponsored Post

The most successful Influencers thrive because they post mindfully. Before sending a tweet or writing a blog post, they think critically about the purpose of the content. This is especially true for sponsored content, as all brands have a direct purpose behind their sponsorships, whether it’s to raise awareness, promote a coupon or sale, generate contest entries, or a myriad of other marketing goals. Before you post, think about the program and its goals, then ask yourselves the following five questions, as the answers will put you into the right mindset for generating impressive and magnetic sponsored content.

1. What’s the brand’s tone? 

While it is important to always honor your own voice, sponsored content should align with the brand’s tone. Determine a brand’s tone by reading its website and social media pages, noting its word choice and style. Adopt some of these findings into your own words to create a blend of the two.

2. What’s the program message? 

Before you create any content, familiarize yourself with the message the brand wants you to share, then brainstorm on how to integrate it into your own personal story. If you aren’t sure where to start, ask your program team to clarify the message and help you brainstorm. Remember, they are always available to assist you in sparking post ideas that combine the program message with your areas of expertise.

Example by  Ciao Florentina for RAGU

3. What’s the benefit to your audience? 

Posts that interest, inform, or entertain an audience are more likely to be engaged with and shared. Browse your most highly-trafficked posts and create similar content for sponsored posts, as you already know this type of content will resonate with your audience. Highly sharable posts also benefit your program performance, as wider audience exposure means more opportunities for people to read your content and be inspired to click through.

4. How many visuals should you include? 

Include visuals in your sponsored content. The right images can increase audience engagement and overall program performance. At least four original images seems to be the magic number for Linqia programs, as posts with at least four visuals have shown increased audience engagement. Identify the images from your most popular blog or social posts (like your most repinned pins) and add similar images into your sponsored post. Also, research the brand’s current imagery – it’s more likely to repurpose images on its website and social channels if they blend with its existing visual aesthetic.

Example by  Nessa's World for Walmart, General Mills & Box Tops for Education

5. How can you optimize for SEO?  

Optimizing for SEO increases your content's visibility outside of your direct audience, boosting the opportunity for more engagement. Before you start creating, choose a keyword or phrase that’s relevant to the brand message. Ask your program team if you you aren’t sure which keyword phrase to choose. Insert the keyword phrase at least three times in the text of your post, ideally in the title and first paragraph. If you use WordPress, install the Yoast SEO plug-in to set your keyword phrase and ensure your post’s optimization.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your program Brand Success Manager or the Influencer Success Team at  community@linqia.com.

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