Photo Inspiration: Do Drinks Right

We’ve partnered with dozens of brands in the past that are centered around drinks - coffee, libations, and high-value gear to help you haul around your delicious drinks throughout the day. As a result, we’ve put together this tips list to help make your next drink-focused blog story innovative, engaging, and cohesive. Take a few moments to mull over some of our favorite Linqia stories featuring drinks of all kinds. Whether you plan on featuring a wine & cheese pairing, a blended green smoothie, a decadent cocktail, or a warm cup of joe, we hope these tips serve as inspiration to elevate your story.

1. Tools & Tray Carts

Roll out your bar cart and dust off your favorite glassware! The first step in curating an enviable cocktail scene is by assembling the necessary tools, whether it’s a pineapple-shaped cocktail shaker, a set of copper moscow mule mugs, or a sleek bottle chiller. Is your sponsored post nonalcoholic? Add character to your arrangement with a few quirky coasters, a lavish tea set, or your favorite cup or mug.

2. Garnish Galore

Remember, the the devil is in the details! Garnish your coffee, tea, or smoothie with a touch of texture. Something as simple as a few flecks of cinnamon or a slice of lime can make all the difference when it comes to dressing up your drink.

3. Work Your Angles

When art directing photos for your story, elevate your everyday product shot with a variety of angles that showcase every side and each detail. Play with the arrangement of the products to highlight their unique functions or delightful branding. Getting a little extra creative for photos ensures that your audience will enjoy scrolling through.  

4. Lay It Flat

Want to get in on the latest trend in product photography? We recommend the flat lay technique to your drink-focused images. Arrange your drink alongside a food pairing, carefully arranged napkins, or other styling accessories for a well-organized collage of items. Make sure to share the shot on Instagram once you’re finished, as flat lay photos are especially popular on this channel.

5. Action Shot

Get in on the drink action by having someone capture action shots of how you create the drink. Some popular action shots de crushing fresh berries for your favorite cocktail or pouring creamer into your coffee. Process photos aren’t reserved for just food recipe posts; they can also showcase a step-by-step of how to prepare the perfect drink or cocktail.

6. Handy Dandy

After you’ve finished shooting your process shots, we recommend capturing a few hands-on shots of your completed drink. Hold up your drinks in cheers or clasp your hands around a warm mug of coffee. The effect will be an elevated product shot that makes your sponsored post more personal, authentic, and approachable.

7. Power to the People

Demonstrate how you and your loved ones experience the product firsthand! Get your kids, your special someone, or even yourself in front of the camera to illustrate where, when, and how you enjoy your beverage of choice.

Did You Know? Each of the 6 Top Performing Influencers on a previous program for Stanley Brand included a human element and the product in use, driving 12x the average engagement on Instagram alone.

8. Platings & Pairings

Illustrate how your drinks pair perfectly with even the unlikeliest of dishes! Try coupling instant coffee with homemade ice cream like A Simple Pantry, a glass of aloe water with a tasty bowl of oatmeal like Kim’s Cravings, or a more traditional wine, cheese, and meat pairing like Skimbaco Lifestyle.

9. Indulge in Ingredients

Feel free to apply the flat lay photography approach to shots of your ingredients, too! Artfully arranging your ingredients is a great way to introduce what goes into making your beverage. Try separating ingredients by color to bring cohesion or placing contrasting hues side by side for a more vibrant shot.

Did You Know? On a Linqia program for Wines of Garnacha ,influencers who used the wine as an ingredient in their recipes inspired over 4.5x more blog story engagement than traditional pairing recipes. 

10. Lifestyle Shots

Your audience loves to see how you incorporate the product into your everyday life. Maybe that means a cozy glass of wine at home like The Ohio Transplant, a sip of detoxwater on the way to yoga like La Masca, or enjoying a cup of coffee early in the morning like Nessa’s World. Incorporating your favorite everyday items helps keep the post authentic.. 

11. Presentation is Key

Why not make a production of your sponsored post? For your grand finale, bring it all together  by setting the table. Lay out a sleek tablecloth and incorporate your favorite dishes and silverware as props. Best of all, invite your friends and family to enjoy the meal with you-- you’ve already done all the heaving lifting! 

12. Get GIF-y With It

Finally, take your drink shots to the next level by making a dynamic GIF! Demonstrate the step-by-step of how to prepare any drink so your audience can replicate it. Not sure how to make a GIF? Visit our tutorial on how to create a GIF on Linqia’s Support Center.

Did You Know? On a program promoting Genuine Thermos Brand’s Shaker Bottle, 4 influencers created a video or a GIF to show a visual step-by-step guide, driving nearly a fifth of overall engagements and 34% of total blog engagements. 

Example: Desserts With Benefits for Genuine Thermos Brand

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