How To Troubleshoot My Social Channels

Authenticating your social channels with Linqia is an important step to maintaining your eligibility for future programs. We use your authenticated channels to measure your total reach in real-time - without authenticating, your reach won't update, and you could be missing out on programs calling for higher reach. Authenticated channels are also vital to pulling your social posts on programs so we don't miss any of your content.

If you're having difficulties authenticating your social channels, first we suggest that you try again in a private browser window. If the problem persists, please try the recommended solutions for each social channel below.

What is a private browser window?

  • A private browser window allows you to search the Internet without saving any information about the sites you visited to your cache. 
  • Here are some tutorials on opening private browser windows for each browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


  • Try in a private browsing window.
  • Log out of your Facebook account, clear your cache + cookies in your browser, try to authenticate again.

Google Analytics, YouTube, & Google+ 

  • Try in a private browsing window.
  • Double-check that the URL on file for your Linqia account is the exact same as the URL on file for your Google Analytics account. 


  • Go to your Google Account Permissions.
  • Click on Linqia under "Third-party apps with account access".
  • Press "Remove Access" button.
  • Disconnect + reauthenticate your Google channels in your Linqia dashboard.

These are the most common authentication problems and solutions, but if you are having trouble authenticating any of your other social channels, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your program Brand Success Manager or the Influencer Success Team at

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