Photo Inspiration: Flat Lays

Flat lay photography is the trendy and visually compelling method for artfully arranging beautiful objects on a flat surface. The result is a collage of items that shows scale and brings order to your photography. Flat lay is both beautiful and effective; On a Father's Day program for Baxter of California,   83% of the top-performing influencers created flat lay photography, driving an average of 4.5x as many engagements as those who did not. Since flat lay all the rage right now -- searches for flat lay increased by 160% in 2016 -- it's a trend you'll want to get on board with. 

Here are a few tips and example for how to ace it.

  • Use props and knick knacks that fit your theme and help you tell a story.
  • Employ a variety of materials and different textures for a more interesting photo.
  • Pay attention to the size of the props you use, using any larger items as your hero piece.
  • Keep color cohesion in mind: Arrange items symmetrically or placing contrasting hues side by side for a more vibrant shot.
  • Use a step stool or chair to help you angle your camera lens down, directly over your shot.
  • Remember to focus your camera settings.
  • Include a white cardboard opposite your light source to avoid shadows.
  • Always, always, always opt for great lighting.

1.  Coffee and Crayons for Annie's Homegrown

2.   The Ohio Transplant for Wente

3.  A Dose of Pretty for

4.  Elisabeth McKnight for Lindsay Olive

5.  Explore With Corinth for thredUP

6. Pink Pistachio for Baxter of California

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