Photo Inspiration: Healthy Recipes

In need of some wholesome recipe inspiration? Luckily, our ever-impressive influencers know a thing or two about nutritious nibbles and healthy bites. They closed the holiday season with tons of recipes that were sugar-free, gluten-free, organic, and great for digestion. And though many were packed with seasonal ingredients (apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, etc.), these meals make healthy eating easy and extra enticing year-round.

Beyond an appeal to staying healthy throughout feasting season, these influencers also hit it out of the ballpark when it came meeting and exceeding their click milestones. What made these particular recipes so successful? The influencers knew how to make their recipes come to life through vibrant, engaging and high-res photography. They maximized exposure by cross promoting on Yummly and BuzzFeed. They inspired others to recreate the recipes on their own by sharing across their seasonal Pinterest boards. Lastly, the influencers made it easy for their audiences to try it on their own by including a recipe widget or step-by-step videos and photography of the cooking process itself.

Read on for 10 of our favorite recent recipes, ranging from paleo platters to detoxifying drinks and everything in between! 

Truvia Nectar

Example: "Fig Pear and Apple Crisp" by Plating Pixels

"Beetroot Falafel" by Herbivore Cucina

Immaculate Baking

Example: "2-Ingredient Chocolate Braided Bread" by Fit Mitten Kitchen

Example: "Gluten-Free Turtle Cookie Bars" by Annie’s Aprons

Foster Farms

Example: "One Pot Middle Eastern Chicken and Rice" by Ev’s Eats

Annie's Homegrown

Example: Homemade Granola with Annie’s Organic Berry Bunnies" by Veggies Save the Day


Example: "Holiday Mocktails with detoxwater" by Living The Gourmet


Example: "The Ultimate Vegan Holiday Dip Board" by Pumpkin and Peanut Butter

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