Why I Should Use Facebook Live On My Linqia Programs

Facebook's live streaming platform, Facebook Live, enables users to broadcast their experiences in real time, providing them with a more personal, unedited avenue for sharing tips and connecting with their audiences. It's a perfect medium for building an immersive and specific experience with viewers, whether it’s by hosting a personal Q&A with your audience or walking through a recipe, DIY, or makeup tutorial. Plus, it serves as an alternative method for naturally weaving in branded giveaways more frequently than you would on your blog or website.

As video content evolves, Facebook Live will likely advance how influencers approach their engagement and brand awareness strategies. And because authentic stories and content are at the core of Linqia’s mission, Facebook Live works well as a natural extension of your sponsored programs

Facebook Live is a great strategy for increasing the performance of your sponsored posts. Check out why you should integrate Live into your next Linqia program.

1. Increase Your Organic Reach

Facebook prioritizes Live in its algorithm and offers followers the ability to opt-in to receiving notifications for your live videos, so you can count on seeing higher organic reach than you would by sharing a post or video to your timeline. 

2. Grow Your Audience

Facebook Live helps you grow your audience as it gives your viewers the opportunity to invite their friends to tune into your broadcast. We suggest that you plan for your Live videos to be 10 minutes or longer because broadcasts of this duration are more likely to reach a wider audience. New audiences have a greater opportunity to discover your content if you give them ample time to do so.

3. Inspire Higher Engagement Rates

Facebook Live is one of the most effective ways to captivate your audience and ensure that they interact with your content. Linqia influencers who have incorporated Live in their promotional strategies have enjoyed higher engagement rates than their previous programs.

During the Pepperidge Farms Goldfish program, Emily of Nap-Time Creations, who has 26,000 Facebook followers, went Live to broadcast how she sews a Fun Felt Playmat.  The Live video drove 4.3X more engagements and 5.4X more views than the total of her 3 non-live video posts. Similarly, Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage, who has 125,000 Facebook followers, went Live on her Linqia program with BLACK+DECKER. When compared to her standard posts, her two Live videos drove 5.4X more engagements and thousands more views.

4. Build A Personal Connection

Facebook Live is perhaps the closest thing (besides video chat) to communicating face-to-face with an audience on social media, as it allows influencers to engage in real-time conversation through comments. Viewers will often  ask to see a certain product again if they missed it or joined the stream late, leave their feedback, or ask clarifying questions along the way. This feature allows you to personally address your viewers by name and respond to their questions, which helps you build a personal connection and immersive experience with them. To gauge how your video is performing, you can also take a look at their Live Reactions to understand which content resonates best with the audience.

5. Analyze Your Results

After your broadcast ends, analyze its results by looking into your Peak Concurrent Viewers, which is the highest number of viewers watching your live video at any given point. Much like analyzing your blog and social analytics, Facebook Live data allows you to assess your video’s effectiveness so you can understand which content resonates best with your audience, identify where your viewers are dropping off, and plan ahead for which types of material you should share in the future.

6. Please The Brands You Love

Let’s not forget – brands love it when influencers use Facebook Live! Unlike its Snapchat and Instagram Story counterparts, Facebook Live makes it easy for brands to measure performance because the video does not disappear once you stop recording or after 24 hours. Also, audiences can also go back and watch the video again if they missed seeing it live. Additionally, there is a program opportunity where the brand’s primary social channel is Facebook, the Influencer Success Team is more likely to select influencers who have already incorporated Facebook Live into their strategy.

For Best Results

  • Post an announcement that you plan on going live
  • Write a compelling description of what your broadcast will include
  • Maintain a regular broadcast cadence so your viewers come to expect them. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your program Brand Success Manager or the Influencer Success Team at  community@linqia.com.

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