How I'm Compensated With Linqia

Linqia compensates Influencers on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. You'll be paid for your programs via PayPal within 10 business days after the end of a program.

Our PPC model means we pay you for the authentic traffic you send to a brand’s landing page. For each program, we'll provide you with a unique tracking pixel called an link so we can accurately track your valid clicks across all your channels throughout the duration of the program.

You will also be assigned a click goal, known as a "click milestone," with a corresponding budget for each program you participate in. The goal is to reach this click milestone in order yo earn your full program budget. The larger your click milestone, the larger your budget is.

If you reach your click milestone, you'll earn your maximum budget for the program. If you achieve fewer clicks than that, then you will be paid for the percentage of clicks you do achieve. As you continue to over-perform on your click milestone, your potential earnings will organically increase over time. We've found that 90% of our Influencers in past programs have reached or exceeded their click milestones if they follow program instructions. We also have a fantastic program support team here to advise any time if you have questions about how to drive engagement during a Linqia program.

We calculate Influencer program budgets two different ways

  1. By combined social reach (for Influencers who have never participated in a Linqia program before).
  2. By past performance (for Influencers who have participated in a Linqia program).

By Reach

The first time you express interest in participating in a Linqia program, we will calculate your preliminary click milestone based on your combined social followings and Unique Monthly Visitors/Users from your Google Analytics to your blog.

We use this value to help determine your social reach. The larger a reach is, the larger the click milestone will be. Our goal is to set a milestone that can be easily reached by the Influencer, as we want all of our Influencers to succeed and earn their full budgets.

In order for us to offer you an accurate click milestone, please be sure that your profile's social channels are completely up to date. This budget is your initial milestone, and has the ability to increase or decrease based on your program performance.

By Past Performance

After you've started participating with Linqia, we'll take the average of your total earned clicks from your three most recently completed programs to create a new aggregate milestone. This milestone will be listed in every program invitation that you receive. If you have not been in three programs yet, your milestone is calculated as an average of the programs that you have completed thus far.

How is Linqia compensated?

Linqia is also compensated by brands on a pay-per-click basis. We are only paid for the clicks we deliver to a brand's content site or landing page.

If you have any questions about your compensation for a particular program, please reach out to your program BSM via email.

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