How To Create My First Sponsored Video

Influencers with the ability to create a quality sponsored videos are in high demand. Brands are increasingly requesting video content in influencer programs, particularly how-to videos about food, beauty, or DIY brands and products. With videos as buzz-worthy as they are, there's no time like the present to take a stab at video to discover for yourself how a well-performing video can help maximize your earnings and increase your click milestone for the next program.

Just ask Sarah Olson, owner of  The Magical Slow Cooker, how effective video has been for her Linqia programs. Sarah’s mouthwatering comfort food recipes are especially popular – her “Slow Cooker Baked Spaghetti” recipe video for Ragu has over 196,000 views and 2,200+ shares on Facebook and nearly 25,000 views on YouTube. “I find that there is more engagement [with videos],” Sarah says. “Especially on Facebook – not only does the post do well, I also gain more followers on Facebook from the videos.”

Here are Sarah’s top tips for creating your first sponsored video:

1. Invest In Equipment

You don’t need professional videography equipment to create a quality video. To make sure her videos aren't choppy, blurry, or inconsistent, Sarah uses her Canon 70D (DSLR) and a standard tripod.

2. Combine Natural & Artificial Lighting

While Sarah mainly utilizes natural lighting, she's also been looking into adding artificial light, which can help set the tone and mood when creating videos. Artificial light could be particularly effective when shooting to convey a particular theme like a spooky Halloween recipes or cozy holiday treats.

3. Do A Dry Run

Make sure you’re well prepared by setting up your ingredients and gathering your utensils ahead of time. Map out the whole video on paper before filming. That way, you won't forget any crucial ingredients or cooking tools. Dry runs also help build your confidence to create more videos in the future. Your first video won’t be perfect, but practice makes perfect!

4. Test It Out

Now’s as good a time as any to start testing out video! We recommend starting your first video with a recipe or DIY craft you're familiar with so you can get the hang of videotaping. With time, you'll have the chops to offer a quality product to a brand when the opportunity comes your way.

If there’s one thing Sarah knows about sponsored videos, it’s that it’s never too late to start.  “I saw the engagement other bloggers were getting and I already had everything I needed. I just had to get started.”

This article has been adapted from an interview with Sarah Olson of The Magical Slow Cooker. Check out Sarah's Influencer Advice on Tips for Creating Your First Sponsored Video.

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